Earth Has No Gravity Said Albert Einstein. Is That True?

albert einstein special theory of relativity

albert einstein special theory of relativity

How did people understand gravity before what is the gravity of the earth?



      How did Newton discover the force of gravity is the story of the apple falling on the head, or it never happened. For thousands of years these philosophers, scientists and scholars have been wondering how this gravity works, and Newton discovered it. Although Newton discovered many things, this gravitational force is still giving him a name and fame.

 Any object or earth is there for everyone. But why is it there?

     The explanation came in the fourth century BC and tried to explain. Water, wind, fire if you look at the earth, it is surrounded by water and oceans. To show more gas zone above the water, look at this forest and there is fire. Saying that you can try to reach Lord Bhushan in this new change. After one hundred years after gravity donated to them, the Indian Aryabhata has flown on the earth.

How is gravity for us? 

     Everything is centered on the earth. All objects are removed. Every scientist in every country has this gravity. Until then, the geocentric theory can be said like this Market. To confirm that Kepler’s Loves of Motion says so, for example, how do these three circles come to Mercury and how do the sun and the hammer come to the planets? I was given by him who noticed what was coming.

     After coming and making a big impact, many years later, the video center started to find the answer to such a question. It was Isaac Newton who found the answer when he was in a garden and the energy from it fell on his head. A character for that happened over the years.


What is his experiment?

       An apple falls from a tree and all the objects fall and the moon is on the moon. Why does the moon fall toward the earth? How does it work? 22 Objects If there is a lot of money between two objects, the more it attracts you, the more it attracts you. This is a lot of distance between two months.

     The impact between the final is very large and small and is close to the earth and the distance between this and the earth is greater than the amount pulled by the earth and drawn in. Therefore, a gravity hammer is coming and working like this and giving such a calculation song. Only he could figure out how the tiger log works beyond the earth and orbits the earth at a rocket speed verified by Newton’s law. There is some object for the orbital path, and there may be some planet, in this situation, the team lost without him, Neptune is working the same way, at this speed, if it goes at this speed, the hammer will come, and everything is ok, but why is there? There is no answer to the question of how the magnetic bed is and how it works. Now whether something pushes an object into space or not, is it a cause? How does this gravity work?  


What is the problem that science has made beautiful happen?

     God is the one who came up with anything and tried to explain to Newton who dissolved tamarind with a centimeter and put a comma in the room, Einstein was the one who tried to explain what the problem might be, but Mercury, which is close to the sun, comes and gives a small bridge. The circular path is a little too early, even if you come on the elliptical path, the elliptical path is a little away from it. A poor come in a jeep and the water level path is hammered.  how did Newton say that it starts like this there is nothing God has finished but with God, it cannot start then I will do it once How did Newton make an apple a Talisman Similarly when you see a party in a jungle?

     Did you look at the list after taking all the things that were stuck in the window and holding them in your hand?

Then the doctor starts to fall to the first floor when the first floor is very pasta. How am I?

  • How fast is the lift about to go up, you come and press the ground, we use utd-20 because there is only an action ratio, there is no such thing, so it is another form of gravity face, turning karat, you are trying to explain it. 
  • A place that is wide and varied will result in more material to be fulfilled hammered her and when she came to the store, that hideout tried to give those things around.
  •  He came to talk and said so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so.

     Dissolve means it doesn’t exist because the most shot comes and chooses because this minister has grown up or light or time goes like that, many people come to say that time is very busy. I can’t believe that this is a very strange tour, saying that it will even grow up. Extraordinary Evidence Can Prove On the other side of a discovery XP Mentalist Who knows if there are scientists who can prove it through the x. men So this general of the government won’t try to prove Albert Einstein secretary-general of the Royal Astronomical Society.

     With as much as possible, the sun is behind it. Now our earth has six months to go around the sun. We don’t know the stars in the next six months. In the first six months, when we sit and walk with the sun without interest, we can see them. Couldn’t see the position of the stars we see is different because they are in front of the sun, so the stars behind the sun are drawn beyond the sun.

   In the cat video gravity song, how people have understood private for ages, happens after Isaac Newton came, how can this gravity be designed, in the house he gave, Albert Einstein who came after seeing how important it is to know gravity like that, said that this gravity is just an illusion. They have prepared all the incidents that have overcome the shortcomings of the United Nations.

     Our space with the largest mass is the sun behind an object with mass enough to store it. Now our earth orbits the sun for the first 6 months. The stars are the stars for the next six months. When we look at our star in time, the position we see in the next six months when this sun is there, then all the stars behind us cannot be seen, but if we can see that

     The position in which we see the stars is different, because it is in front of the sun, and the stars behind it are like, which has grown beyond the sun. Full Glossary Eclipse The full solar eclipse science repository the German is not going to explode on this side when it is like that, it is a big story, it has crossed many obstacles, the illegal orange color paper has arrived, and it can be given another name in this period.

    When there is a proud thing like that, there are five award winners from Germany who are fighting against it, but can we make a call to Eddington? Reddington’s plan suffered a lot from the German attack. His friends were in this world. His son had many people come on his own. Even though there was such damage, he was not introduced. The reading below proves that there was a perfect opportunity to do what happened during the May 29th commission. The full moon is called The sun is hidden and behind at that time. It is known that there is a difference in the pictures of the sun. Did you look at it? Did you see it? He gave a difference. If you write down the difference, it will be proven. You can prove it by using this eclipse when it was in the first half of the day. Those who went there knew the eclipse from Russia and noted that it was a lie. There is Britain and America

     The scientists were arrested and could not be restrained to the point of death. How are you sister? One place and the other are super places belonging to the family. One part is divided into two. There is a problem to support the merchant in the struggle.


Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Special relativity theory
Special relativity theory

Is this person able to make a good captain?

     It’s raining and you can’t see it. He leaves like that and a few minutes before saluting him, the clouds dissipate and the sun begins to shine. An eclipse occurs and night falls to cover the sun. The stars behind the sun in the swimming pool cannot be seen.

     The stars are in the position they were in when there was no sun. How many positions did they take when the sun was there? As Einstein predicted, that light, lamp, bell, and star are in the same position.

     They think great as documented thinking writing and giving time for it and today the company has become like that a world celebrates him not only than many total solar eclipses Why is this kind of work done in this era too and its this general creativity of theory, which has been proven every time, the doctor who worked on the planet Mercury got the answer because the orbit of the Sun in this space-time is strange.

     Einstein is more important than a tire for a car How Shiva is converted into energy I will tell you everything about driving a car Let’s talk about going to the moon This type of short distance is Allah’s formula in this film too.

     There is no boundary for separation, this month, this country, that country, war, all this, if you know, scientists, my nomadic discovery, which planets are sitting together, there is a chance that a scientist will come and tell me a little more. Change is the same.


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